The Civil Servants Union of Zambia in its present form and structure was formed in July 1975.   The Union has a rich history behind it and what follows is the story of what has become one of the largest trade unions in this country.


The CSAWUZ affiliated to the to Public Service International ( PSI).

The CSAWUZ has 122 branches throughout the country. These branches also have elaborate women committee structures actively working to integrate women activities in the mainline trade union structure. The 122 branches are divid-ed into 10 regions headed by the Provincial Committees.


The un-ion organizes civil servants and allied workers employed in the Zambian Public Service and grant aided institutions and employees of government departments turned parastatal bodies and organiza-tions, Boards, Authorities, Agencies and Non-governmental organizations.

future of the Union

The future of the Union is bright.  The Union has overcome many of its teething problems.  The organisation is now on its feet and there can be no looking back.  It has taken its place in the Zambian Labour Movement.  Civil Servants have overcome their apathy and are actively taking part in the activities of the Union.

The Labour Legislation in force in Zambia is fairly progressive although there is room for improvement particularly in the Public Service.  Government as sovereign state has ratified International Labour Organisation Convention Number 151 for improved Labour Relations in the Public Service.


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