1. Formation of branches
  2. Recruitment and retention
  3. Managing membership data Research


  1. Trade Unionism
  2. Trade Union Administration and Management skills
  3. Recruitment and retention skills
  4. Organising skills
  5. Collective bargaining skills
  6. Grievance handling skills
  7. Financial Management skills
  8. Trade Unions and Corruption
  9. Gender Awareness
  10. Trade Unions and Climate Change
  11. Trade Unions and HIV/AIDS


  1. Improve on communication
  2. Improvement on transport
  3. Developing and improving management systems and policies
  4. Review and improve conditions of service
  5. Revenue diversification and investment



  1. Decent work
  2. Gender mainstreaming
  3. HIV/AIDS mainstreaming
  4. Formulation of gender policy

Union Objectives

  1. Organisation of    Civil  Servants and   Allied Workers in  order  to  pursue  and  protect  the  general  and  individual  interest  of  members
  2. To seek for  and  safeguard  salaries and  conditions  of  employment
  3. To improve  the  standards  and  status  of  its  members
  4. To encourage sympathy  and  understanding  between  the employer  and his  employees
  5. To mediate  between  the  employer  and  his  employees  and  between  one  member  and  another
  6. To co-operate with  other  trade  unions
  7. To provide members  with  financial  assistance  during  prolonged  unpaid  sick  leave,  subject  to  availability  of funds
  8. 8 to  advance  members’  education  through  workers’ education  programs
  9. To promote  gender  equality
  10. To do all such  other  lawful  things  as  are related  to  or  lead  to  the achievement  of  all   or  any  of  the   above  subjects.